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Your Data is at Risk!

Our records show that your data may be at risk as there is no record that you have proper back ups in place.

Without proper back ups hours of hard work and important data could be lost in a second. It is critical to have a dependable back up system in place to safeguard your information from machine failure, virus attacks and unexpected disasters.

When you Choose the Drop Down below, you can expect the following actions. 

  1. Yes- I want to be protected – This will let us know that you would like more information. We will schedule a free audit of your current risk level, followed by a discussion about your options.This may be scheulded a bit into the future as we will schedule requests in order we receive them.
  2. “No Please Let me Opt Out” – If you have no interest in SupportProbe Managed Backups, to avoid continued emails on this topic, this response will trigger one more email that will require that you acknowledge that you are taking on full responsibility for any consequence that may arise from forgoing SupportProbe’s recommendation to have a confirmed backup.
  3. “Later, Interested, but it’s currently not a good time” If you would like to discuss this in the future, but don’t have time now, please choose, “Later”. This will trigger the same action of removing you from this current email campaign & sending the document acknowledging that you take responsibility of no back ups, but this will also add you to a group that we will contact again on this topic in the future.

Backup - Yes-orNo

Because this is such an important matter, if we don’t get a response, we will continue to reach out to you.

As your trusted IT guys, our goal is that we can all feel secure that systems are in place that will ensure a good, long business relationship.

Managed Backups

 We look forward to discussing this more. –  Your SupportProbe Team.