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We recognizes the special needs of manufacturing companies and job shops, especially those that provide parts or services to larger manufacturers.  We have experience providing platforms to support software packages like JobBoss from Exact Software or Striker.  We understand the diverse needs of these companies, and can provide systems that increase productivity for front office and shop floor personnel alike.

In the office environment, we are skilled in providing the communication and data storage applications that your staff rely on every day.  We can provide infrastructure to manage the digital paperwork, or custom workflow applications to fit your specific needs.

In the shop, we can help with state of the art technology like biometric time clocks, or with providing wireless network access for hard to reach places.  We can help with remote access to data or software to protect your information from the harsh or dusty conditions encountered in your environment while still allow your employees to take advantage of your computer infrastructure.


Posted on

January 22, 2015