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 Hello [contactfirstname],

Thank you for your interest in analyzing your backup risk for [companyname]“ & for considering SuppotProbe Managed Backup” services. This is what you can expect next.

As you may imagine, you were not the only who would like to take advantage of this free audit. We have added you to a queue to be addressed in order of reply. When it’s your turn, you will most likely not even know that we are running a report on your machines, unless we need to ask to you turn them on for us. Once the information is collected, we will contact you to set up a short phone call to discuss your current risk details.

If you’re already fully backed up, then you can rest secure. If not, we will give you a quote for the service we offer or you can look elsewhere for a 3rd party plan. If you go with a 3rd party plan, or decided to remain unprotected, we will ask you sign a form that states that you are aware of risk, and that SupportProbe & MRK will not be held liable for loss due to foregoing recommended back ups.

If you feel that your machines are incredibly unstable or if your current backup is expiring soon, please let us know and we will do our best to address your case more swiftly.

Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to additional peace of mind for all.


Your SupportProbe Team

Your IT Guys

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